Sweet Rage handmade Chocolates and Gourmet Treats

Gourmet Treats

All The Rage Butter Brittle

A full cup each of butter and roasted almonds in every batch, makes this sweet confection “All the Rage”, in addition we add a light layer of dark chocolate to make this a truly indulgent experience. ** Warning ** Highly Addictive!!!!

SpongeTastic (Sponge Toffee)

4 simple ingredients is all this old time favorite needs to be the best of its kind!

SpongeTastic with Milk Chocolate

How do you take the best of something and make it better?? Add chocolate!!

SpongeTastic with Dark Chocolate

An unconventional pairing for sophisticated taste buds, or just those that prefer dark to milk chocolate!

Caramel Clouds (Caramel Corn)

Unlike any caramel corn you’ve ever experienced, ours has a full cup of butter in every baked batch and a heaping dose of pure vanilla. WOW!

Chocolate Thunder

Double Baked Chocolate Coated Caramel Corn. Double WOW

White Lightening

Double Baked White Chocolate Coated Caramel Corn, WOW doesn’t even cover it!

Ice Wine Jewels

A Sweet Rage Exclusive recipe. Niagara IceWine, raspberry jam and dark chocolate make this one of a kind confection a taste sensation!

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